Oil & Gas

High pressure waterblasting can be effectively used in the oilfield industry in many ways including:

  • Cleaning and removing drilling mud & cement from drill pipe.
  • Removing paraffin & crude residues on platforms & storage tanks. 
  • Removing rust & varnish prior to recoating
  • Cleaning dope & oil from pipe threads for inspection;
  • Clean Drill Pipe that is used for down hole drilling. 
  • Clean out Coil Tubing once it is fabricated to remove slag, grease, and dirt. (remove weld & residue)
  • Pressure Testing

Materials high pressure waterblasting can clean or remove;

  • Drilling mud, cement, rust, varnish, oil, slag, dirt, weld residue

Relevant Oil & Gas Applications

  • BOP Testing
  • Hydraulic torque testing
  • Storage tank cleaning
  • Pipe and drilling pipe cleaning
  • Platform cleaning
  • Surface prep and cleaning
  • Tube cleaning
  • Cuts structural steel, piping, and vessels on offshore production platforms
  • Hydrostatic testing units for testing wellhead and pipe

Features & Options

  • Complete line of skid and trailer mounted pump units
  • Product offering includes pumps, parts and accessories
  • Units convertible in the field from 10k—20k—40k
  • Application expertise always available
  • Rentals available at several convenient locations
  • Customization options to meet unique oil and gas needs

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