4240 UNx Bareshaft Pump - #6 Plungers

Part No: 54515

With input power up to 206 hp (154 kW), this 4240 UNx® bareshaft pump will flow up to 8 gpm (30 l/min) at up to 40,000 psi (2750 bar).

The Jetstream model 4240 is capable of power input up to 300 horsepower and flows approaching twelve gallons per minute at 40,000 psi. It is the most advanced and efficient high horsepower waterblast pump in the industry. Combining the strength and durability of a proven power end workhorse with the unparalleled simplicity, serviceability, and versatility of the UNx fluid end design, Jetstream bareshaft pumps ae the best choice for those building their own system or replacing a complicated worn, or unreliable pump.

UNx Fluid End Features

  • Superior performance
  • Greater flexibility in the field
  • Reduced downtime and maintenace

UNx Power End Features

  • Ductile iron pwer frame is the strongest in the industry
  • Heat treated billet alloy steel crankshaft
  • Largest bearings of any pump on the market
Model Name 4240
Maximum Power (hp) 206
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) 40000
Maximum Flow (gpm) 8
Minimum Flow (gpm) 2.3
Maximum Power (kW) 154
Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) 2750
Maximum Flow (l/min) 30
Minimum Flow (l/min) 9
Plunger Size #6
Plunger Diameter (in) 0.6
Plunger Diameter (mm) 15.24
Number of Plungers 3
Plunger Stroke (in) 4.25
Plunger Stroke (mm) 108
Discharge Port Connection 40K Pump Discharge Female
Accessory Port Connections Jetstream 40K Port Female
Number of Accessory Ports 3
Suction Port Connection 1"NPT Female
Minimum Pump Speed (RPM) 150
Maximum Pump Speed (RPM) 514
Maximum Plunger Load (lbs) 17750
Maximum Plunger Load (N) 78950
Flow at 150 RPM (gpm) 2.3
Flow at 200 RPM (gpm) 3.1
Flow at 300 RPM (gpm) 4.7
Flow at 400 RPM (gpm) 6.2
Flow at 500 RPM (gpm) 7.8
Flow at 514 RPM (gpm) 8
Flow per Revolution (gal/rev) 0.0156
Flow at 150 RPM (l/min) 9
Flow at 200 RPM (l/min) 12
Flow at 300 RPM (l/min) 18
Flow at 400 RPM (l/min) 23
Flow at 500 RPM (l/min) 30
Flow at 514 RPM (l/min) 30
Flow per Revolution (l/rev) 0.059
Power End Model 4200
Oil Type 80W-90
Oil Capacity (gal) 9
Oil Capacity (l) 34
Weight (lbs) 1800
Weight (kg) 820

UNx Conversion Video

This video highlights the ease of maintenance and pressure convertibility of Jetstream UNx Pump. (3:59)

4200 UNx Fluid Ends

Increase the range of available operating pressures for any Jetstream 4200 UNx Pump with additional fluid ends. Conversions take only minutes and are available for pressures up to 40,000 psi (2750 bar).

40K Bypass Valve - Pump Mount

A bypass valve diverts a portion of pump flow to a low- pressure outlet and is used to prevent bogging of diesel engines when using flows at the low end of the pump’s capability or to adjust pressure on electric motor driven systems.  40,000 psi (2750 bar).  Pump-mounted.

40K Handle-Adjustable Regulator

Maintains constant system pressure when operating one or more shut-in devices. Knob-adjustable. Field-replaceable valve cartridge. For operation at 20,000 - 40,000 psi (1400 - 2750 bar). Pump-mounted.

UNx Spare Parts Packages

Packages include all major fluid end replacement packaged together for easy transport and storage.

4200 UNx Bareshaft Pumps

4200 UNx triplex pumps can handle input power up to 325 hp (242 kW). Output from 63 gpm at 8,000 psi (238 l/min at 550 bar) to 11.9 gpm at 40,000 psi (45 l/min at 2750 bar).