Waterblast Suits with Detachable Hood

PVC/Polyester suit includes bib overall pants and jacket with removable hood.

Premium 16" Rubber Knee Boots

Premium knee boots with steel toe, anchored metatarsal guard, and stainless steel midsoles meet ANSI Z41 PT99 Sect 1, 2 & 5 standards. Washable cushioned insoles. Waterproof.

Rachet Knob Adjustable Hard Hats

Lightweight polyethylene with impact absorbing ridges and rain trough. Six-point nylon suspension. Ratchet knob adjustment. Washable soft brow pad. Universal accessory slot. White. Meets ANSI Z89.1-2003 Type I, Class G & E

Universal Face Shield Bracket

Aluminum bracket fits over brim of most cap-style hard hats. Face shields sold separately.

Clear Face Shield with Velcro

Clear polycarbonate with multiple mounting slots to allow use with most face shield brackets. Velcro® strip along the bottom used to attach face shield bibs available on some waterblasting suits.

Waterblast Suits with Face Shield Bib

PVC/Polyester suit includes bib overall pants, hooded jacket with storm fly, face shield bib with Velcro® strip.