Hydrostatic Test Valve

Part No: 61335

Hydrostatic test valves are used in the pressure testing of pipes or other vessels. This valve allows an operator to easily control the test pressure without "feathering" the clutch, ensuring a longer clutch life. Safety standards and durability of a vessel are maintained through this common method of testing.

With the new Jetstream HTV, pressures can be controlled up to 20,000 psi through the use of precise hand-adjustable pressure setting with fill lever.




  • Heavy duty internal ball valve that automatically holds downstream pressure upon releasing the lever. (Jetstream exclusive design)
  • No external foot gun required
  • Multiple auxiliary outlet ports that allow for chart recorder or data collection
  • Depressurize with only a 1/4 turn on the bypass valve
  • Ease of maintenance through field-repairable cartridges