• 600HP 6000 Series

600 Horsepower Water Blaster

Part No: 6000SeriesUnit

Powerful performance and undeniable reliability are just two reasons the new Jetstream 6000 Series waterblaster is the clear choice for your high-flow applications. Featuring the most compact design in its class, the 600hp unit can deliver output from 61.4gpm (232.4 lpm) @ 15,000 psio (1034 bar) up to 116.3gpm (440.2 lpm( @ 8,000 psi (551 bar).

Key benefits:

  • A commanding 600HP John Deere 13.5L engine with a bypass filtration system that extends drain interval maintenance.
  • Triple 200 gpm filtration allowing bag changes while the unit is running.
  • A 250 gallon water tank extends the longevity of the parts by allowing the water to de-aerate before entering the pump.
  • The compact design is the smallest in the industry for a 600HP waterblaster.



Fluid End: 

  • In-Line Univalve Cartridge
  • Swing-Down manifold for full component access
  • Convert to various pressures in the field with minimal downtime
  • Unique to the 600HP: Engine driven charge pump to ensure the fluid end receives water at the correct pressure, regardless of the supply conditions
600HP Bareshaft Pump

Aluminum Fuel Tank

  • 300 gallon tank with internal baffles
  • No rust contamination
  • Removable for easy cleaning




  Fuel Tank

 Poly Water Tank

  • 250 gallon water tank
  • Allows for water to de-aerate before entering the pump, extending the life of the parts.
  • Triple 200 gpm filters - the first in its class!
  • Low water level switch to prevent cavitation from water supply problems


  Poly WaterTank