HydroForce™ Unit

Part No: HydroForceUnit

When tough under pressure matters turn to the versatile Jetstream HydroForce™. This series of hydrostatic testing units is designed for accurate blow out pressure (BOP) pipeline and wellhead testing. They are mounted on a heavy-duty trailer unit with integrated fluid containment. The HydroForce series features choices of 80 to 325 HP tier 3 or tier 4 diesel engines, delivering outputs from 23.8 gpm (90.1 lpm) @ 40,000 psi (2757 bar) up to 62.7 gpm (237lpm) @ 8,000 psi (551 bar) when using the full 650HP of both engines, high-capacity water tanks, and the Jetstream HTV test valve.


Key Benefits:


 • Jetstream UNx Fluid End proven system  


 • Designed for accurate blow out pressure (BOP) pipeline and wellhead testing 


 • Pump Maintenance in the field without compromising durability


 • Operating pressure conversions can be performed within minutes




Power End Dependability:  


• Ductile iron power end   


• Largest bearings in the industry


High Capacity Aluminum Fuel Tank       


Safety Shutdown Systems:  


• Protects against low oil pressure and high temperature


Optional Features:  


• Flood Light 

• Hose Rack 
• Grease Lube Manifold 

• Work Bench 


•Jetstream HTV 


•Murphy Switch Gauge




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