TwinForce™ Unit

Part No: TwinForceUnit

With the design of this dual 650 HP system, Jetstream provides a multi-functional product to enhance the utilization of a two waterblasting units on one single trailer. Like all Jetstream waterblast systems, the TwinForce™ 650 HP unit is built around the UNx® fluid end. The TwinForce™ provides the ability to function as a large capacity 650 HP unit, a single 325 HP unit with the second unit used as a back-up or as two independently run units. The versatility is endless and can provide assistance to any application.

Key Benefits:

• Jetstream UNx Fluid End proven system

• Two complete units with three functional options

• Vastly large flow rates for high-capacity applications

Fluid End:

• Superior performance

• Greater flexibility in the field

• Reduced downtime and maintenance

Dual Pressure Control Station:

•  Full instrumentation at your fingertips   

• Two control panels in one convenient location

Dual Water Filters:

• Dual 200gpm stainless steel filters (two for each unit) 

Dual Fuel Tanks:

• Reduced dry weight 

• Resists corrosion 

• Longer runs between refueling