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Jetstream's UNx™ Bareshaft Pumps provide unrivaled durability and strength. Our pumps are capable of power inputs up to 600 horsepower and - coupled with the best Jetstream UNx™ fluid end - provide a variety of flow rates for any application. Jetstream bareshaft pumps are the best choice for those building their own system or replacing a complicated, worn, or unreliable pump.

UNx™ Fluid Ends are a cost-effective solution to increase the available operating pressure or range of pressures of an existing Jetstream UNx™ Pump. UNx™ Fluid End changeouts take only minutes and are available for pressures up to 40,000 psi (2750 bar). We also offer fluid end conversions for a wide range of competitor pumps.

Jetstream is your premier source for all the parts, tools, and accessories you'll need to get maximum performance from your UNx™ Bareshaft Pumps and Fluid Ends.