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4" J-Force™ Gen III (JF4X22) Starter Kit - 3/8" NPT Inlet

The Jetstream J-Force™ pipe cleaning nozzle is a self-powered rotating tool designed to easily navigate and clean pipes with 4" 90 degree bends. Operating pressure for the JF4X22 is up to 22,000 psi (1500 bar).

The 4" J-Force™ has front, side and rear jets that clear blockages, clean, and provide thrust to propel the tool down the pipe for maximum cleaning power and minimum wear. Water provides the rotational motion and creates the bearing on which the nozzles spin. No oil or ball bearings to replace! The J-Force is a field repairable tool.

  • Equipped with two forward facing ports at 10 degrees, two radial ports at 100 degrees, and two rear-facing ports at 135 degrees which accept JS2 or P2TCS type nozzles
  • Designed with an eddy-current braking system which controls rotation speed for maximum cleaning power.
  • Completely field repairable in 5 minutes


The kit contains the JF4X22 pipe cleaning tool and the essential tools and components needed to service it in the field, including the following items:

Part No.  Description
67029 4" J-Force Gen III Tool (JF4X22)
66249 O-Ring Maintenance Kit
67013 Bushing Removal Tool
63809 3/16" Hex Key
65642 1/4" Hex Key
66808 1/4" Square Drive Wrench
65478 1-1/4" Wrench
63300 Plastic Container
65721 Loc-tite 242



Part Number: 67627
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Model Name Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) Minimum Flow (gpm) Minimum Flow (gpm) Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) Maximum Flow (l/min) Minimum Flow (l/min) Inlet Connection Tube or Pipe I.D. (in) Tube or Pipe I.D. (mm) Speed Range (RPM) Number of Nozzle Ports Nozzle Types Accepted Diameter (in) Diameter (mm) Length (in) Length (mm) Weight (lbs) Weight (kg) Brand
JF4X22 22,000 40 16 1500 152 61 3/4" Type M 4" -6" 100 - 150 1000 - 2000 6 JS2, P2TCS 2.74 70 3.875 98 3.75 1.7 Jetstream
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