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Jetstream is a part of the Federal Signal family of companies, whose products are designed to Move, Clean, and Protect.  In keeping with our corporate mission, we have developed a mobile disinfecting system (shown below) which could be used to clean outdoor public areas, such as recreational spaces, parks and museums. In addition, this system can be used to spray down other vehicles, like buses or railcars, as well as bridges, train stations and any other outdoor areas.

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Please consult CDC and other federal and state guidelines, as well as medical, scientific, and manufacturer’s literature, regarding the selection, method, and frequency of application of cleaning agents or disinfectants that may be safe and effective against the coronavirus, best practices for that usage (including the use of personal protective equipment), and potential harmful effects on the environment. Customers and users are responsible for selecting appropriate sanitizing agents and methods, and Federal Signal makes no representations or warranties regarding any of the foregoing.