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RotoLink™ - 15K - JSL Series - 1/2" NPT Inlet (0 degree) - 1/4" NPT Shaft

Jetstream RotoLink™ rotary couplings are designed to prevent hose kinking when rotating tools are connected to stationary high-pressure water supply lines. Constructed from durable stainless steel, Rotolinks ensure leak-free water flow to your tools at all times.
JSL Series Rotolinks are specially designed for use with rigid lance machines and inlet swivels to shotguns.
Available wear kits contain a high pressure seal, spring, and seat to allow the operator to quickly service a RotoLink in the field, while rebuild kits include all the components in the wear kit, along with bearings and lip seals, needed to completely overhaul the coupling.
Part Number: 66658
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