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RotoLink™ - 22K - JSG Series - 3/4" MP Inlet (0 degree) - 3/4" MP Shaft

Jetstream RotoLink™ rotary couplings are designed to prevent hose kinking when rotating tools are connected to stationary high-pressure water supply lines. Constructed from durable stainless steel, Rotolinks ensure leak-free water flow to your tools at all times.
JSG Series Rotolinks are specially designed for use with powered rotary surface cleaners, large hose reels, and automated surface cleaners.
Available wear kits contain a high pressure seal, spring, and seat to allow the operator to quickly service a RotoLink in the field, while rebuild kits include all the components in the wear kit, along with bearings and lip seals, needed to completely overhaul the coupling.
Part Number: 66656
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