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RotoMag™ X22 Starter Kit

The Jetstream RotoMag™ X22 is a self-powered rotating tool designed for cleaning stacks, sewer lines, drains, tanks, on-line boilers, and other large diameter pipes.

  • Water provides the rotational motion and creates the bearing on which the nozzles spin. No oil or ball bearings to replace!
  • Up to 8 flush mounted nozzle inserts provide low profile foe cleaning smal pipes while extensions are available for larger pipe, allowing the RotoMag to clean pipes ranging from 3 1/2 to 60 inches in diameter.
  • The RotoMag X22 uses Tungsten Carbide RM Series nozzles, Sapphire RMS Series nozzles, or Synthetic Diamond RMD Series nozzles.*
  • Magnetic braking system controls rotational speed for minimal wear and maximum impact without streaking.
  • Rebuild kits allows 5 minute replacement of wear components right in the field using two standard hex wrenches
  • Includes six nozzle port plug.
  • Premium Kits and Starter Kits are available for full product tools.
  • Eye-less tow ring (PN. 66170) standard with all tools. Optional tow ring with eye (PN. 52386) available and included with Premium Kits.

* For specific nozzle configurations and flow rate information, please refer to the Product Instruction.


The RotoMag X22 Starter Kit contains the X22 pipe cleaning tool and the essential tools and components needed to service the tool in the field. The kit includes the following items:

Part No.  Description 
 63945 RotoMag X22 Tool 
 63807 O-Ring Maintenance Kit 
 29534 Adapter 
 63443 O-Ring Pick 
 63808 3/32" Hex Key
 63809 3/16" Hex Key 
 63814 1/4" Hex Key
64763 Reusable Threadlocker
63806 Plastic Container



Part Number: 63811
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