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Swivel X15 Premium Kit - 6 Port, R44 Low Flow Style, 1/4" NPT nozzle ports

The Jetstream Swivel X15 is a self-powered, 360° rotating swivel tool designed for cleaning medium to large diameter pipes.

  • Rotational speed of the nozzle head is controlled by the internal oil pump assembly on the swivel
  • Six flush mount 1/4" NPT nozzle ports
  • Stainless steel swivel and head with flows up to 50 gpm (189.2 lpm)
  • Uses two, four or six nozzles
  • Typical seal and oil life over 100 hours
  • No silicone needed
  • Low seal replacement cost and quick change, with the seal shaft and cartridge all in one piece
  • Speed adjustment without oil change or spillage

This premium kit contains the X15 pipe cleaning tool with the 6 Port, R44 Low Flow style nozzle holder with 1/4" NPT nozzle ports and all the tools and components needed to service the tool in the field. The kit includes the following items:

Part No.  Description 
52820  Swivel Assembly
52963  Nozzle Holder
26149   1/4" NPT Nozzle Plug 
52965   Tow Ring
64819  Oil Syringe
64820  Hose Barb
64244  Hose Barb
64245  Plastic Hose
53410  Seal Assembly
27044  Inner Oil Seal
64180  Oil Kit
63872  Seal Installation Tool
27049  Thrust Bearing
27048  Radial Bearing
27045  Outer Oil Seal
25229  O'Ring
27045  O'Ring
63809  3/16" Hex Key
64242  1/8" Hex Key
52819  Seal Screw (large)
64054  Seal Screw (small)

Part Number: 64234-6P444
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Model Name Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) Maximum Flow (gpm) Inlet Connection Speed Range (RPM) Nozzle Types Accepted Diameter (in) Length (in) Weight (lbs)
Swivel X15 15,000 1000 23 3/4" NPT 50 - 1000 HHTCO, P4TC, JS$ 3- 5/8" 9 - 5/8" 11
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