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Swivel X22 Starter Kit - 7 Port, R44 Low Flow Style - 1/2"-18 UNEF RM Nozzle Ports

The Jetstream Swivel X22 is a self-powered, 360° rotating swivel tool designed for cleaning medium to large diameter pipes.

  • Rotational speed of the nozzle head is controlled by the internal oil pump assembly on the swivel
  • Stainless steel swivel and head with flows up to 50 gpm (189.2 lpm)
  • Uses two, three, four, five, six or seven Tungsten Carbide RM Series nozzles or Sapphire RMS Series nozzles depending on the desired pattern required for the application.
  • Typical seal and oil life over 100 hours
  • No silicone needed
  • Low seal replacement cost and quick change, with the seal shaft and cartridge all in one piece
  • Speed adjustment without oil change or spillage

This starter kit contains the X22 pipe cleaning tool with the 7 Port, R44 Low Flow style nozzle holder with 1/2"-28 UNEF RM nozzle ports and the basic tools and components needed to service the Swivel in the field. The kit includes the following items:

Part No.    Description 
63983    Swivel Assembly
65330    Nozzle Holder
RM-Plug     Nozzle Plug 
52965     Tow Ring
64819    Oil Syringe
64820    Hose Barb
64244    Hose Barb
64245    Plastic Hose
53405    Seal Assembly
64180    Oil Kit
63872    Seal Installation Tool
63809    3/16" Hex Key
64242    1/8" Hex Key



Part Number: 65044-7RM44
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Swivel X22
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