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TST® Head Protection - 20/30 (30,000 psi single jet, 43,500 psi Rotary Jet)

The TST Head Protection with Visor and Hearing Protection meets the requirement for Industrial safety helmet as well as waterjet protection. The interior is comfortable and can be adjusted for a good fit. The Visor meets the requirement for eye protection and can be replaceable, as well as it can be positioned folded up. The Hearing Protection can be adjusted and set at different positions against the head for optimal protection and fit. A 3-point chin strap is supplied in the Head Protection Kit.


CE Marking, approved according to:

  • Industrial safety helmets: SS-EN397:2012
  • Eye Protection: SS-EN166:2001
  • Hearing Protection: SS-EN-352-3:2002
Part Number: 65498
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