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TST® Waistcoat - 10/28 (Single Jet 15000 psi, Rotary Jet 40,000 psi) - Size 3XL

The TST Waistcoat offers effective protection and optimal comfort. Often used in combination with the TST Hand Protection, Trousers, or Overalls.

Part Number: 58979
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TST BenefitsFast and easy gear-up to maximize productivity – no fighting with numerous tangled buckles and straps Resists water and dirt – more durable than alternative suit fabric, keeps operators dry and light Manufactured with lightweight and flexible Dyneema® – the world's strongest fiber1 – for maximum protection without compromising comfort and mobility Variety of suit options – perfect for every need and budgetSigma Kit includes waistcoat and overalls with integrated hand protection. OverallsProvides protection against water jets on the front of the legs and around the hands and forearms.Neoprene collar seals well against the neck while maintaining freedom of movement.Zips on the outside of the legs are protected by a sealing velcro flap.An Overall is always in place, no matter if the operator is climbing on ladders or working in narrow spaces.Optional regulated ventilation port keeps the operator cool.WaistcoatThe waistcoat provides effective full front protection as well as around the neck and shoulders.Higher cut in the front to make bending forward easier.Note: Kits do not include foot protection. Technical DescriptionOuter material: Laminated Polyamide. Inner material: Polyester mesh. Protective material: Special fabric containing Dyneema® fiber. Seams: Taped. Washing instructions: TST Special Grease Remover. CE-marking: Approved according to the directive 89/686/EEC and BGR 191.  Test ResultsThe different levels of protection have been determined by testing according to the table below.  Different values (pressure, water flow, nozzle, distance, speed) can give significantly different results.Test results below apply to all products with the 10/28 Protection Level. Test  Pressure bar (psi) Flow l/min (gpm) Nozzles # - Dia mm (in) RPM   Distance mm (in.) Linear Speed m/s (in/sec) Result  Straight Jet1000 (15,000)19.8 (5.2)1 - 1.0 (.039)N/A75 (3)0.5 (20)No PenetrationRotating Nozzle2800 (40,000)18.8 (5.0)2 - 0.6 (.024)300075 (3)0.5 (20)No Penetration Note 1: Claim refers to strength-to-weight ratio of Dyneema.