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VertiDrive M3

The VertiDrive M3 robot carrier was designed to execute a variety of  jobs on steel surfaces such as; washing, grit-blasting and hydro-blasting. The robot can operate on vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces.

The Vertidrive M3 is remotely controlled by one operator. The operator can stay safely on the ground while the robot does all the work. There is no need for crane assistance or cherry pickers.
The result is more comfort and productivity.

The lightweight construction and quick (dis)connect systems reduce the change-over time to approximately ten minutes.

A high-pressure nozzle bar of any kind can be mounted on the reciprocating boom. This ensures a clean and effective result. The machine adheres to the surface with permanent magnets in the drive assembly. Because the robot is remotely controlled, there is no need for crane assistance or cherry pickers.

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